Www.miniwrites.com | Fraud Content Service
Www.miniwrites.com | Fraud Content Service
Www.miniwrites.com | Fraud Service Providers
Www.miniwrites.com | Fraud Service Providers

Well, it is becoming a very common thing on the internet these days that we face too many fraud people in our deals. People usually think that they are free to do every thing on the internet but this is not the truth. If you have dealt something like this then i will suggest you to take immediate action on it. At least do what you can so that others could stay away from such fraud peoples.

Here i am sharing with you some fraud peoples who don’t pay money at all.
Www.miniwrites.com | Fraud Service Complaint
Www.miniwrites.com | Fraud Service Complaint
  • Varun Mishra: varunmishra5890@gmail.com: My comment- I provided website content writing, blog writing services to this person. It is my habit that i clear all the pricing and other service terms before getting started working with any of my client so that they wouldn’t feel like they were not aware that i don’t like delays in payment. I Strictly told this person that i am highly deadline oriented in work so i also require deadline oriented payment.. and most importantly, i proceeded further on the projects on his agreement on this term. But, first of all, when it was the time of invoice and i sent him invoice, he said that i am not going to pay it because the final price is not what i expected.. the prices that were previously told to him by me clearly (I can even prove and he didn’t refuse). But still, i made the modification so that at least the payment can be received. And then, he made an excuse that his friend have denied to pay any thing for the work that i have done so he will not pay me either. I talked to him again and then again he gave me deadline of making payment. I agreed to change payment deadlines almost three times after he crossed them again and again. And finally, when i finally on sent him the last mail saying “I give you time till 3rd March for making the payment (1672/-)or giving back the articles or i will list you in the fraud people’s directory which will not be good for your reputation at all. “ then his replay was: Now I’m not going to pay u single money, you can list me any where as u want. From the first crossed payment deadline (10TH JAN 2015), i gave him the option to return my articles and he would not have to pay anything but now i can clearly say that he had no intention of paying at all and he is total fraud service provider and worker.


  • Pooja Sachdev: pooja.sachdev7@gmail.com: 9920019891: My comment- I wrote 10 articles for her and she is a complete fraud. She does not provide money at all. And, most importantly, she tell so many lies about her family just for small amount. Well, she is a writer but i must say that she does not respect her profession. And she only knows the language of threats. I published this blog on my website so she called me after an year and told me that she lost her job because of this post and secondly she lost her clients as well (I am sure all of it is just a lame excuse of getting rid of this post). She requested lots of time to remove her name from this and in fact she even agreed to pay me when she saw there was no choice but you know, there is no sense of paying after 2-3 years of fraudulent behavior.


    • Another fact about Pooja Sachdev is that she always sees things from her own perspective. She still mails me, chats with me, calls me and message me regarding every single comment that is posted in my blog. It has become quite consistent and she also comes with the threats like “Give me proof or else…”, “I want an explanation”, “I haven’t work with the people who have commented here”, “Spoiling the internet reputation”, “I would take action against…”, “Will have to start a blog…”, “You claim yourself very professional,….”, “since you call yourself professional…”, “I have right for clarification..”, “My name is getting spoiled on your blog”, “You play such dirty games with the name of blog”… and so on.. She is consistently sending me mails for this. Although i find it bothering but yet i don’t speak unpleasant words even to the person i hate the most.



Here is the list of people who pay less then what they actually promise with no payment promise respects. You can not judge when they will pay you your amount.

Www.miniwrites.com | Fraud Service Complaint

  • Deepa adsul: deepa.adsul21@gmail.com: My comment- She does not understand what does a payment deadline mean. She does not respect writers. when i worked for her and then she stopped replying in the middle of the project then i too said that i will not complete your project. She said that she will not pay even a rupee for the work that i did for her. Well, that is not the main thing. I published those articles and then she contacted me and said, “Oh, you published them?” and then i said that i will pay only after money. She paid then and contacted me too many times but i never worked with her again.


  • Content Pitara: contentpitara@gmail.com: My comment- He does not understand what does a payment deadline mean. He paid me half and when the time crossed and i stopped working with him then he clearly said that he will not pay on the time. Moreover, he didn’t pick up the phone. And most importantly, Deepa adsul and Content Pitara works together. 


Anu Shobana: anuckc@gmail.com, anu@ishamedias.com:

  1. Language Bytes Subtitling, Captioning and Translation services, T1-4S3, Kgisl Platina Apartments, Coimbatore-641035.
  2. Isha Media Services | http://www.ishamedias.com





Skype_id: anu.sree88

My Comment: I followed every single deadline without any delay in the project and most of the time; I shared the completed file before the deadline. Even when there is a requirement of editing or changes, I did that without any questioning or hesitation. Even when the change was due to non-notified change in guidelines, I did my best to satisfy the client. She knows about the words like Deduction, Deadlines, Respect in mail, and Right word choice but she doesn’t seem to understand the words like Timely Payment, Respect of people who are working under you, Cooperation and Understanding. I filed a complaint against her but I had to remove it due to personal emergencies. I am thinking of pursuing this matter legally because this client surely doesn’t respect the people working with her.

Task I did without charging anything:

Quick Comments for new translator’s work. Reviewing their work quality and doing quality check of the completed translated files. She handed this work to me since she said she is very satisfied with the work quality.

For example, in subtitling work, I provided my feedback quick comment to a translator like this:
Main aspect is “General nature of sentence”
As far as pronunciation is concerned; make sure that it looks like it
would be comfortable for speaking if you were in such situation.
Proper nouns like Jane, London, and Oxfam should be transliterated
it should be:
जेन, लंदन, और ऑक्सफ़ैम
Kindly feel free for any other inquiry..

Work on Holiday: I worked on the main Diwali Day for this client since she said the task is very urgent and she doesn’t have anyone else to handle it.

Fund Return: I started working with her 16/09/2017 and she paid first payment bunch on 01/12/2017. She said she mistakenly paid 8000 extra which I think would be according to the old invoices before the price change. I immediately returned the amount that was not mine because that is what fair collaboration should be. She used to pay in short bunches like:

The payment paid – 41,500/-

Invoice 1- 18455/-
Invoice 2- 23205/-

41660 total

Already paid:

3000 on 13/10/2017
2000 on 13/10/2017
1500 on 2/11/2017
2000 on 4/11/2017
1000 on 20/11/2017

Total paid – 9500/-

So, 8500 is Total.

Total payable amount should be = 33160/-

Deduction/return requirement = 8500/-

What she did:

Late Payment: She paid first payment after almost

Price Change: She changed the price of QC service after the entire work is done. She changed the price to half when it was time for payment clearance.

Unfair TDS: She demanded for deduction of 1% in all invoices. On asking the reason, she said that this is the TDS deduction that her client demands. I highly doubt that there is any company who will do such illegal deduction of TDS. Also, she didn’t say anything when I asked about TDS certificate of deducted amount.

Unfair Deduction: There was a project of transcription where editing was required. I agreed for editing but I didn’t have the audio file to use as reference for required editing. She said that she doesn’t have the file either and it is up to me how I do the editing. Otherwise, she will consider that I am not agreeing and she will deduct the payment. Since this was the situation, I said its okay to deduct that amount.

Next time, there was confusion in communication:

She said: “Please take rows between starting to 58909”

i started the row from 58909.

She replied about her line, “Please submit the completed portion of assigned rows. I will not be paying for wrong portion​. It says ‘between’ start of file and ‘to’ 58909. Sentence is not confusing and clearly says ‘TO 58909’.

Unnecessary Things: My mail was:


Do you have copy where all the issues are highlighted? I would like to keep it as a reference.


Mini Garg”

She asked me to change my mailing style:

“Your mail format asking questions is not polite enough.

I recommend better choice of words like… Please share file where issues are highlighted.”

She also said that it is not polite to remove “Hi, … Regards” Part from the mail. I mean, when you are mailing from mobile device or in haste, it is possible to send single line mail. I don’t know what is impolite about it.

Unprofessional Behavior: After two deductions in payment, I was extra careful with conversations so that there would not be any miscommunication. In next file, I was doubtful about deadline so I sent several mails confirming the deadline but she did not respond. She said that I am using CHEAP COMMUNICATION TACTIC to ignore the work.

Also, since things were like this, I said, “I think that the participation or collaboration of this project is not going well. Therefore, i request you to withdraw my participation in this project.” And the reply of this mail was, “I have already got confirmation from you regarding project extension and participation till feb and if you are withdrawing I am in business loss and you will need to pay for the same. This project was extended till feb end which was shared with you and your poor attitude of withdrawing for silly reasons is affecting my business and you will need to pay for the same.”

She never asked me to sign a contract of work till feb. She never even mailed me about extension. She just informed me via whatsapp that the project has been extended till the date of mid feb. Is that a contract word that bounds me to keep working with her even when she is using such words and actions?

She said, “I have exclusive business loss of Rs.30000 till Feb due your unprofessional termination of your services.” This is the conversation was on the basis of my ₹ 36,390.00/- invoice. She said that my work of entire month was a waste but then I didn’t get the reason why she was enhancing the quantity of work that was assigned to me? That was the strangest part.

Illegal Deduction Demand: As already communicated, I am at a loss of Rs.2000*30=Rs.60000/month till february end. So total amount payable is Rs.180000/- for business loss due to abrupt unprofessional termination of commitment for the project until February, please make payment within 30 days for the same.

I will confirm loss due to non submission and poor quality files when I get update from my client.

Note: And of course, she blocked me on phone, she disconnected on linkedin, she blocked me on whatsapp and she removed me from her skype contact as well before/at the time of this conversation. I never talked about transcription project on telephone. All conversation were done on whatsapp and i have complete whatsapp history with me to prove it.


Her final mail was: Reminder – Recovery of business loss and poor quality work


This is to bring to your attention, as already communicated, that my business has faced heavy loss due to your intentional non delivery/ poor quality delivery of files despite inputs for improvement/ and abrupt discontinuation of work without prior intimation.

Your poor quality work was tolerated with and the corresponding loss was borne my company continuously through out your work as per the mutual telephonic conversation,mail and whatsapp agreement for continuous daily work and improvement of the quality of work as days progress which you failed to deliver(I have mailed you numerous times, snapshots of client pointing poor quality issues in your files) which you disagreed as good quality work.

I have already dropped a mail regarding all my losses and your liability already.

My loss is Rs.900 per day for 30 days,which is Rs.27000 due to poor quality of work which was rectified in-house before submitting to client.

You stopped working abruptly,dishonoring telephonic/mail/whatsapp mutual agreement for continuous work) and my business delivery process has affected severely for 15 days after that and the corresponding loss is Rs.1800*15=Rs.27000.

Total amount that you need to pay me to cover my losses till date is Rs.27000 plus Rs.27000 which is Rs.54000.

Though there was no signed contract till February, there was a telephonic and whatsapp mutual communication agreement to continue your work till February.

Immaterial of the above said agreement, it is evident that my business has been facing revenue loss due to your unprofessional work and work disruption.

I have already communicated the above points to you by mail two weeks back and intimated you to make payment for the same by December 31,2017.

This is a final warning reminder that you are liable to pay for my losses as per my company terms which you agree by default while accepting work from my end failing which severe action will follow.

Best Regards,

Anu Shobana

Isha Media Services.

Business Hours: 12p.m (noon) to 10p.m.


After sending clarification demanding mail, she said, “I am closing this for your sake as I do not want to push this further.

Please be informed that my company handles 100s of unprofessional freelancers like you providing poor quality work and claiming full payment and dishonoring commitments and deadlines. We know how to deal with your kind of people.

As per my discussion with my company advocate, please find the details regarding your work and payment:

Your total work amounts to Rs. 36,390. As already communicated several times, the files received were not of expected quality and 50% payment is deducted for the same.

Hence, Rs.18,195 will be paid during 2nd-3rd week of January.

No further claims for payment will be entertained in this regard further.”

On the date of her promised fund transfer date, she replied, “I have already transferred ₹10000 on 16th Jan(snapshot). Don’t annoy me unnecessarily and you will face severe consequences for nuisance behaviour.

Will transfer remaining amount only after receiving any amount from client for your work.”

When I said that there is no need to delay anymore since there is no collaboration at all. I said I will file a legal complaint against her. She said, “You please go ahead and do whatever you want to. I don’t mind. I know how to handle this further.”

Additional non-content services fraud companies


Bucks exchange . com: This company is completely fraud and does not exchange money at all. In fact, they don’t have any money to pay because the fraud money is the earning source of this website.

Some tips for judging the fraud people.
  • Fraud people usually stays invisible in the chat so that no one could see they when they are online and offline. This is very powerful guess. of course, not all people use the invisible function for this purpose but if a person is a content dealer then he or she would be looking for writers so there is no sense in staying offline.


I would like to invite visitors to share their fraud dealing experiences here so that we can stand together against the fraud dealers on the internet. I will update this post because this is really very important for you and i will recommend you to share your fraud dealing experience here because it is important.

This is my first step toward internet professional rights awareness and i want you to stand with me in this. When we expose fraud people then the problems like consistent bothering on mails and other issues are quite common but i really insist each and every writer to stand for their rights. I listen the right thing of a wrong person because it is not always necessary that a wrong person is wrong all the time but i would never trust anyone like this again. And i will suggest all of the people same. Open your ears for everyone but pay attention and take action only when you think it is right.

” On 22-10-2016, i visited police station to inquire about the rights of freelance service providers. Having seen that so many people are facing the problem of fraud content service providers, i consulted it with police and i am glad to say that police say that there is a Cyber Crime FIR which can be done whenever any person faces such issues. So, if you are facing any kind of fraud then you can complaint about it in the police station and they will do the inquiry. Most importantly, you don’t need to invest anything for it. ”


Names of the Fraud People In this Industry (Suggested by Different sources on Email)
24translate.net – (Reported Fraud by Valerie Gurak Via TranslationDirectory.com)
Dear colleagues,
This mass email is intended to warn you against arranging any cooperation with anyone from 24translate.net. That knowledge cost me over 3,500 USD and lots of nerves.
Nedaa Sameh (also Nedaa Almasri) whose email  is nedaasameh@24translate.net (also bigtranslator.242@gmail.com) appeared to be a scammer. All payment terms were broken (if we planned payment date, that person started shouting some nonsense). After seeing that his/her “no worries” and “arranged payment dates” makes nothing, I started my investigation, and it was a miracle, but I found that client that Nedaa Almasri (they knew her as Julia Neolser) frauded on.
From that client, I found out that Nedaa-Julia told them a price lower than he/she owed us (almost 50% lower); Nedaa-Julia had been paid by the time we started communicating with her client (and he/she denied that).
I have enough evidence, and if you want to see them – write me back.
My suggestion: start a mass blocking campaign to prevent such scammers from stealing our money! If they do not have those “believers” who do make their stories come true – that will change the translation society (their price is 0.03 USD/word, so using our emails, our reputation, they simply play the translators.
My list of translate.net workers (if you think that my words make sense for you – put a filter to any emails from @24translate.net, Palestina, and Gaza (they may change the company name, their names, etc.). This is your security and your reputation! They may be already using your CV if it available on Translationdirectory, Proz or anyone else!
My email list (found in my spam box):
Thanks for your time. Take care! All the best to you!
Forward this message to your colleagues if you found it useful. Feel free to contact me for additional information.


Names of the Fraud People In this Industry (Suggested by Users of Miniwrites.com)
Word weaver zone., Mumbai (Reported Fraud By Neminathan)
Bhavika Bhuwalka bhavika.bhuwalka@gmail.com Mob: +91 9654069096, bhavikabhuwalka.wordpress.com (Reported Fraud By – Mohammad Ateeq)
Suzana Maganja suzanamaganja@hotmail.com (Reported Fraud By – Kaleena) However, Suzana Maganja replied claiming this to be a false accusation.
write_life@adexec.com – (Reported Fraud By – Boris Xanxane)
Tanusree Bhattacharjee – (Reported Fraud By – Satya)
Ramadevi – Highfive web solutions (Reported Fraud By – Madhurima Chowdhury)
Nisha Bhatt (Reported Fraud By – Manasi Singh/Daisy)
Shree Capital (Reported Fraud By – Manasi Singh/Daisy)
Akhilesh Shewale and Debeleena Chowdhary (Reported Fraud By – Shivangi Mujumdar)
Rohit Sharma (Reported Fraud By – Shivangi Mujumdar)
Pooja Sachdev (Reported Fraud By- Gundeep, Utsav Ghosh, Sandeep singh, Tanvi, Sarala, Mary, Eva Mukherjee, Cruzin Don, Kiran, Rahul, Vinay, Prince)
Amit Chakraborty & Anup Dutta Gupta from Kolkata (Reported Fraud By – Saikat Gupta)
Amit Kumar (Reported Fraud By – Nehal Pawar)
CWKumar (Reported Fraud By – Munira)
bfwa.in (Reported Fraud By – Jagadees Narayan)
WRITERS GUILD (Reported Fraud By – Madhurima Chowdhury)
Ashish Kaushik and Himanshu Sharma (Reported Fraud By – Swati, Tanushree)
Mitra Rajarshi (Reported Fraud By – Swati)

48 thoughts on “List of fraud content related service providers and companies.

  1. Word weaver zone., Mumbai, Please dont accept any work from this person. She has to pay me nearly 7k and absconded. I have worked with her before 4 years and still I didnt received nay payment.

  2. I am indeed glad that your site is taking the trouble of bringing into light those brutes “who eat their own species” by defrauding the hardworking freelance content writers. I’ve recently been defrauded by one such fellow. and will be glad if you can do something

    • Hi,

      I appreciate everyone who takes initiative of exposing those who are doing fraud in the business.

      If you or anyone else have experienced any such fraud in their profession, do share it with necessary details. I will do whatever possible to give you assisting hand in this situation.

      Mini Garg

  3. Here is one fraud so-called freelance writer to add to your list. I had engaged her to write content. She sent a few good articles and then all the rest were 99% a copy paste job once she got my confidence. Bhavika Bhuwalka … bhavika.bhuwalka@gmail.com Phone Mob: +91 9654069096
    Email: bhavika.bhuwalka@gmail.com
    Website: bhavikabhuwalka.wordpress.com

    Cheated me of 56K.. I have all the proof including bank records of payment, emails and even her admission via chat that the articles were plagiarized. She promised to rectify them and then completely disappeared. Blocked calls, email, etc. Clear case of a cheat which is surprising especially when her credentials on linkedin are good.

  4. suzanamaganja@hotmail.com
    Suzana Maganja
    She hired me off Craigslist to write web copy. I did hours of work for her and she refuses to pay me. She is scamming writers. I would seriously suggest looking into her professional history before working with her. I wish I did!

    • Kaleena was paid over$2000 or content and sent content that could not be used.40 pages were sent back by several clients as it was unprofessionally written wrong client links and wrong services posted.At my own expense I had to hire another writer to rewrite all the articles.Contact me my email is above the post for all the pay pal receipts and the client feedback.I have many writers that have worked with me for a long time and have never complained nor had rewrites as they are well researched articles and they check the clients websites to see what they do.The articles were inconsistent in American and Canadian spelling possibly outsourced as they also read like they were. Posted by Suzana

    • To elaborate she did work me hard and paid me for quite a lot of work. However, she suddenly turned and refused me a week of pay and accused me of plagiarism and outsourcing. If you look me up on LinkedIn or anywhere online you will see I’m a reputable person however Suzana Maganja has apparently been in this business not very long and has no record of existing as a person outside of a LinkedIn account with no picture. I suspect it is a fake name. Who uses a fake name that is reputable? This is why I wish I had looked her up or asked more questions first. Her English is also not very good, or she types with her eyes closed but she claims to be in Toronto. FYI

      How is it she had me do so many articles for her and all of a sudden 3 clients refused 35 pieces simultaneously and she wouldn’t pay me a cent? I offered revisions, rewrites and she became very angry and accused me of all sorts of things saying the work had American and Canadian spelling, grammatical errors etc. Even in this case, it could have been revised but instead she refused to pay me for what amounts to a week of pay.

      I assume her scam is to work established, fast and reputable writers hard and then to profit by eventually stealing many hours of their work by accusing them of things that no writer wants to hear or have spread about them. Most would probably not say anything based on this fear but I have been writing over a decade and I’m confident in my abilities and have many satisfied customers so I don’t mind calling it as I see it.

      I have attached some of our email correspondence. It’s very strange how she turns like that after I had been writing for her and had what I thought a good working relationship.

      Suzana Maganja
      Jan 20
      to me

      Hi and sorry was off for a few days but i will send payment tonight when I get home and review Thank you
      Sent from Samsung Mobile

      Jan 20

      to Suzana

      No worries and thanks!

      Suzana Maganja
      Jan 20
      to me

      Hi I received feedback from client re transplant and they want them written to style that is on the site as well as grammatical errors another picky one I do have some articles I did for him before and can send once I am near a computer as well as payment
      The design company loved their article I just think surgeons are the worst
      I also have some add on content again for a new dr IF you are interested You did an article for solomon befor and it was fine
      Sent from Samsung Mobile

      Kaleena Lawless
      Jan 20
      to Suzana

      I will revise for the transplant articles. Please send an example when you can.

      Great to hear the designer was happy

      And yes, I’m interested in more!


      Suzana Maganja

      Jan 20
      to me

      Hi and have sent payment will but keep the call to action at end. I am sending an example but refer to his site to be accurate for the writing style.

      I will be going through the other order soon and will send shortly

      Suzana Maganja
      Jan 30

      to me

      Hi I am wondering if you checked the website for the calgary surgery articles as they sent everything to get redone and said there are things listed that they do not do or products they do not use nor the breast augmentation sizing is not part of their procedure nor listed on site.

      Sent from Samsung Mobile


      Jan 30

      to Suzana

      Are these articles from December? I did look at their site but of course, I research other resources as well. I just looked over those articles and did mention specific brands but not very often. If you confirm these were the 10 articles from December I will edit them.


      Jan 31

      to Suzana

      Hi Suzana,

      any update from the hair transplant surgeons? Also, I was wondering if you were still processing my payment for the last set from Dr. Solomon?



      Suzana Maganja

      Jan 31

      to me

      I am waiting for their feedback as they have not submitted funds yet and were supposed to yesterday. Hair transplant is reviewing and has not sent funds and calgary one is in rewrites now as they are not using them. As soon as I hear an update I will let you know.


      Feb 1

      to Suzana

      Hi Suzana,

      I’m really hoping you can get me paid today.

      Suzana Maganja

      Feb 1

      to me

      Hello I have not only had to rewrite Calgary now I have to rewrite the hair transplants and the other Dr said they are not up to standard as well and has sent those back as he pointed the article mentions a salesman .Also when submitting work it should be linked to client not to a different doctor.I do not get reimbursed for rewrites and since I can not use those articles- they are yours to keep.I can not have clients sending articles back when the information is not written about them and their services.I have noticed a lot of American spelling so I don’t know if they are outsourced and one was clearly copied off another site.I have just lost a client because of this and today 2 more are sending it back.

  5. So I placed a bid for a job in WorknHire website. The employing company named themselves as “content writing services”. We finalized about price and working style and I started writing for them. After a while they asked me to mail at write_life@adexec.com and mailto_writers@contractor.net.

    We had email conversations and I sent them work as well. But now at the time of pay  they have deleted everything and have completely erased themselves. Absolute frauds. Please add this in featured as they have fled with almost 15 thousand rupees.

  6. I have worked for rohit sharma whose email id is rohitsharmacontent@gmail.com…got contacts from face book…he has contacted me for writing purpose..all the work he gave to me was delivered on the time..I told him that I only receive weekly payments and he is also agreed on that…after one week when I sent the invoice he just ignored and did not answers my mail..then he told that I am out of town now, I will came 1st june, then the payment will be done….the whole thing is happened in 2015..I have mailed him frequent time but did not pay me a single penny…so, beware from this person…

  7. I have been cheated by “Tanusree Bhattacharjee” from Calcutta. She is fraud content writer and doing fraud with us! We are digital marketing firm and provide her our client’s website content requirement to her…But after published all the content i have found that she wrote same similar content in many pages….I have contacted her but she went to offline mode…Anyway i had made her payment already and don’t want to hire he anymore….Here is detail..


    Abira bhattacharjee is not authenticated. They have lot of names and email ids. If she knows you will discontinue then forget your money. If you ask for payment she shouts like a cheap and wicked Bengali. She is a poor and low level lady; you can say this by speaking with her on the phone.

    Here is Real Proof Buy other Victims


    Tanusree bhattacharjee, Tanushree bhattacharya, abira bhattacharjee, abira bhattacharya, mishtu bhattacharya, mishtu bhattacharjee (all the same person), is a fraud

    Name : Tanusree Bhattacharjee
    Email Id : abirabhattacharjee1975@gmail.com
    Call : 9433013275

  8. Another Fraud i faced with a client who paid me once and then did not pay me at all.

    Company Name – Highfivewebsolutions.com
    Client – Ramadevi
    Client Phone – 7330872173
    Location – Hyderabad, Ameerpet

    Even after promising a payment saying there are “bank issues” it is over a month. The same client has paid me in her previous work with me. However, neither there is payment nor any response or chat from here side now over a month.

  9. Hi,
    Its really nice to find an open group citing all the fraudsters. I have been a victim of fraud clients. One of them is shreecapital2015@gmail.com. Some other email addresses associated with this are bhatt.nisha@yahoo.com. I have been cheated of Rs 5000.
    I request other freelancers not to work for these clients. We work for a living, not for running charity!

  10. Hello everyone,

    Seems this is the best platform to seek for advice to get hard earned money from the listed below fraud clients.

    1. Company Name: creativeworkandmediasystem

    Email Id: creativeworkandmediasystem@gmail.com
    Fraud Clients Name: Akhilesh Shewale and Debeleena Chowdhary
    Contact Details:
    Payment to be received: Rs.4145

    2. Emaild Id:rohitsharmacontent@gmail.com
    Fraud Clients NameRohit Sharma
    Payment to be received:Rs.9067

    I haven’t yet received a single penny for my work done from these clients. Can anyone help me a way out? Both of these clients are not reverting my mails or receiving my phone calls.

  11. Hello,

    after reading all these comments i noticed that there are too much fraud on the internet with article writers we will soon going to start hiring article writers for SEO and website content so you all are welcome to our company.

    We will need a freelance workers you just need to send your cv on manu@mag-services.com and once we start getting clients for article writing we will notify you all and start working with all of you.

    MAG Services Team

  12. Pooja Sachdev is a fraud client….who does not pay and keeps you begging for meager payments….I asked payment from her and she kept on saying next week….Now, when i asked again…she used abusive language…..which i am posting here…..

    I sent her a couple of articles,which she said was spun….though, it wasn’t written by me but some new writer that I hired…..After knowing this, I even fired that writer……Still, she is giving me all sorts of Dhamki that I will ruin your career…..

    She has been ranked as Fraud Client by many in an important link that I will also post here…..And would post 2 of my own written write ups….Pls guys help with the justice…..

    Now, m posting a write up done by me for her…..A news Piece….

    A New Smartphone by Asus

    Asus Company has introduced a new smartphone in the Pegasus Series named Pegasus 5000 with two RAM variants – 2 GB RAM at a price of 1299 Yen and 3 GB RAM at a price of 1799. The smartphone by Asus has been launched solely in China and there is no revelation of its crossing the borders. ——–

    —– In the world of selfie, the camera quality will definitely win hearts. The Asus Pegasus 5000 is also laced with exclusive features like 1.3GHz octa-core MediaTek (MT6753) processor, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and Micro-USB connectivity facilities. Packed with everything a smartphone user wants, Asus Pegasus 5000 will definitely live up to the expectations of every individual willing to have a smartphone within 20000 INR.

    (Article shortened by admin)

    Now its the language she used for me…..

    (Note From Admin Mini Garg – There is the use of abusive language in this chat in some lines so i have added space and * in the word to make the words less inappropriate. These changes are made by admin and chat has been formatted in order to make conversation easier to understands for readers. No words are changed, added or deleted by admin from this chat conversation.)

    Gundeep Kaur
    : Hisab barabar

    Pooja Sachdev 1/23, 8:52pm
    Pooja Sachdev: dont keep arguing
    coming week hojayega

    Gundeep Kaur 1/23, 8:52pm
    Gundeep Kaur: Payment on Monday

    Pooja Sachdev 1/23, 8:52pm
    Pooja Sachdev: sorrry
    tehn u do wat u want
    coming week i told it ll be done

    Gundeep Kaur 1/23, 8:53pm
    Gundeep Kaur: Oh really

    Pooja Sachdev 1/23, 8:53pm
    Pooja Sachdev: m nt refusing
    stop fighting
    i guess u have lot of free time

    Gundeep Kaur 1/23, 8:53pm
    Gundeep Kaur: Vaise mujhe kuch karna nahi hai
    Mujhse zada paise ki zarurat tumhe hai shayad…. Tabhi delay ka drama

    Pooja Sachdev 1/23, 8:53pm
    Pooja Sachdev: ya baba
    jo sochna hai socho
    i have lot of work
    lemme do it

    Gundeep Kaur 1/23, 8:54pm
    Gundeep Kaur: Pay me by Wednesday now max

    Pooja Sachdev 1/23, 8:54pm
    Pooja Sachdev: i said coming week

    Gundeep Kaur 1/23, 8:54pm
    Gundeep Kaur: That’s what I can say

    Pooja Sachdev 1/23, 8:54pm
    Pooja Sachdev: hojayega
    bye for nw

    Gundeep Kaur 1/23, 8:54pm
    Gundeep Kaur: Set day batao
    Else problem tumhe hogi mujhe nahi
    Nahi dogi to kya farak padega…. Soch lungi maine 1200 daan kar diye


    Gundeep Kaur 11:51am
    Gundeep Kaur: When m I getting payment
    Today is Wednesday…. Ek week ka kaha tha… Kab tak milenge

    Gundeep Kaur 11:36pm
    Gundeep Kaur: when r u paying me
    or should i forget about it
    M asking something
    U said within this week…. Wednesday is over
    Tell me the day
    U really enjoy with writer’s money I guess

    Gundeep Kaur 11:50pm
    Gundeep Kaur: wonderful way of ignorinfg and nt paying

    Pooja Sachdev 11:50pm
    Pooja Sachdev: yaar is week kaha tha

    Gundeep Kaur 11:50pm
    Gundeep Kaur: money sucker

    Pooja Sachdev 11:50pm
    Pooja Sachdev: tum baar baar puchogi toh what i l ldo
    bl**dy mind ur language
    u fool
    pehle kaam dhang se do
    then talk


    Gundeep Kaur 7:52am
    Gundeep Kaur: Kaam de diya tha… Rewrite karke bhi
    Paise hee nahi deti tum…. Tum jaiso se aise hee baat karni chahiye… Tabhi to fraud clients mein listed ho
    Writers ko time se paise do to kaun bolega…. Bloody troubling person

    Pooja Sachdev 9:24am
    Pooja Sachdev: Abhi tum jaise writer ko fraud writer me list karti hu
    Wait n watch
    Khoon chusna aata hai
    Utna time kaam me do

    Gundeep Kaur 9:25am
    Gundeep Kaur: Jo karna hai karo
    Paise nahi dene saaf bolo

    Pooja Sachdev 9:25am
    Pooja Sachdev: Tumhre diye hue article i ll post

    Gundeep Kaur 9:25am
    Gundeep Kaur: Bakwaas baji nahi chahiye

    Pooja Sachdev 9:25am
    Pooja Sachdev: I told u this week
    So have patience

    Gundeep Kaur 9:25am
    Gundeep Kaur: Ek din to batao

    Pooja Sachdev 9:25am
    Pooja Sachdev: Bakwas tum karti ho
    Mai nahi
    Ya i ll pay u
    Bt the way in whcuh u talkin
    I ll nt let u stay wid a clean name
    I ll make sure i ll pay
    N post the articls too

    Gundeep Kaur 9:27am
    Gundeep Kaur: Oh do plss

    Pooja Sachdev 9:27am
    Pooja Sachdev: Ya

    Pooja Sachdev 9:27am
    Pooja Sachdev

    Gundeep Kaur 9:27am
    Gundeep Kaur: And m also doing it for u

    Pooja Sachdev 9:27am
    Pooja Sachdev: Pay karne ke baad i ll Post
    Then later jo karna hai karo jao

    Gundeep Kaur 9:27am
    Gundeep Kaur: I will post today
    Before u pay

    Pooja Sachdev 9:27am
    Pooja Sachdev: Ya sure
    Pagal s*li
    Go do

    Gundeep Kaur 9:28am
    Gundeep Kaur: Now I will post this chat too
    Abusive language

    Pooja Sachdev 9:28am
    Pooja Sachdev: Ya ok

    Gundeep Kaur 9:28am
    Gundeep Kaur: Thanks for the words

    Pooja Sachdev 9:28am
    Pooja Sachdev: I ll do urs too

    Pooja Sachdev 9:28am
    Pooja Sachdev

    Gundeep Kaur 9:29am
    Gundeep Kaur: Plsss

    Pooja Sachdev 9:29am
    Pooja Sachdev: Nw i ll nt let u stay clean
    Whervr u commnt
    I ll post
    Ur article

    Gundeep Kaur 9:29am
    Gundeep Kaur: Dhamki dena bandh karo

    Pooja Sachdev 9:29am
    Pooja Sachdev: Nw its been heights wid u
    U dnt have mannersto talk
    Delivering 3rd grade contnt
    N then threatening me

    Gundeep Kaur 9:30am
    Gundeep Kaur: Even I have tolerated you

    Pooja Sachdev 9:30am
    Pooja Sachdev: Go nw do whatver u want
    U r free

    Gundeep Kaur 9:30am
    Gundeep Kaur: Hahahahaha
    I have many people known who say u r fraud

    Pooja Sachdev 9:30am
    Pooja Sachdev: Ya
    Til nw ppl din knw abt u

    Gundeep Kaur 9:31am
    Gundeep Kaur: Ho gaya cat fight

    Pooja Sachdev 9:31am
    Pooja Sachdev: They wil knw abt u too dear

    Pooja Sachdev 9:31am
    Pooja Sachdev

    Pooja Sachdev 9:31am
    Pooja Sachdev: No nw no fights

    Gundeep Kaur 9:31am
    Gundeep Kaur: Behas bandh karo

    Pooja Sachdev 9:31am
    Pooja Sachdev: I ll do wat i want nw

    Gundeep Kaur 9:31am
    Gundeep Kaur: Ok do

    Pooja Sachdev 9:31am
    Pooja Sachdev

    Gundeep Kaur 9:31am
    Gundeep Kaur: M least bothered
    I already have clients

    Pooja Sachdev 9:31am
    Pooja Sachdev: Cool

    Gundeep Kaur 9:32am
    Gundeep Kaur: Tum jaiso se darne lagi to ho gaya kaam

    Pooja Sachdev 9:32am
    Pooja Sachdev: Ya

    Gundeep Kaur 9:33am
    Gundeep Kaur: Wo write up mere writer ka tha….. Jisko rewrite kar diya

    Pooja Sachdev 9:33am
    Pooja Sachdev: Np
    Dnt Fear
    Face boldly nw

    Gundeep Kaur 9:33am
    Gundeep Kaur: Why should I
    M more bold in dealing with you

    Pooja Sachdev 9:33am
    Pooja Sachdev: you ll come to knw consequences
    (tongue emoticon)
    no time

    Gundeep Kaur 9:33am
    Gundeep Kaur: Dhamki dena kisi aur ko

    Pooja Sachdev 9:34am
    Pooja Sachdev: hmm
    tumhe ab dhamki nahi dungi

    Gundeep Kaur 9:34am
    Gundeep Kaur: I will post best of my write ups in reply to urs

    Pooja Sachdev 9:34am
    Pooja Sachdev: ab sabak sikhauni
    u ll remember for life
    yea sure

    Gundeep Kaur 9:34am
    Gundeep Kaur: Arey jao

    Pooja Sachdev 9:34am
    Pooja Sachdev: please dont waste my time

    Gundeep Kaur 9:34am
    Gundeep Kaur: Paida nahi hua koi mujhe sabak sikhane ki dhamki dene wale

    Pooja Sachdev 9:35am
    Pooja Sachdev: okie
    (smile emoticon)

    Gundeep Kaur 9:35am
    Gundeep Kaur: Ya…. Hahahahaha

    Pls Help with Justice

    • I have already paid this person

      Snapshot has been sent via mail!

      So Why is my name here?

  13. Hi i want to report a big fraud in the Industry

    Ashish Kaushik and Himanshu Sharma – 09899411088,

    company- Chillycart.com & Scalainfotech

    Id: ashish@scalainfotech.com, himanshus1710@gmail.com

    This all began, when Ashish kaushik posted his requirement for a content writer for his online grocery store, Chillykart. He really talked big that hes getting crores of investment from the investors and he ll be in Bombay for 2 weeks or so. He said we can start the work and once i am in Bombay (Which ws 2-3 days) after the work started, he would pay me a lumpsum amount of 15k rs. he decided the rates as 40p per word on Call. I trusted him since he talked big and was also gonna meet in Bombay. This is on the 21st of September. he said he wants an SEO person too. so we arranged a team for taking with us for the meet. Now every morning we used to call him, he used to say that he is busy and will give a call in the evening for the meeting. we used to wait whole day and at teh end , he used to switch off his phone. At night, he used to switch it on and say tommorow for sure we will meet. this happened for around 10-15 days, till the time we realised something was fishy. Earlier we thought he was really so busy but later on we realised that he was a complete fraud. We had already done work worth rs 8k for him since we thought he is going to pay us a lumpsum amount of 15k. Later on no response nuthing, we contacted his partner Himanshu and then he also acted very politely and as if he is really concerned for us. He promised us to pay on some given date, which he didn’t . He kept on giving dates and dates. But no payment. The writer who had written for me had threatend me as she had worked very hard. I told the situation to Ashish and Himanshu, but they hardly bothered. Ashish even though he didn’t have money kept on saying that tommorow payment would be made , tommorow payment would be made. Even today, if i call him, he says kal hojayega. THere were also days when had said that the payments are already made, why isnt it reflected. Such liars in the industry. Due to which, somewhere or the other even my reputation is affected. However, i have managed to pay my writer.

      • Swati,

        It is nice to know that you have received your Pay but this is not the place to get benefit and then remove the name. This blog is meant for the writers so that they can know the genuineness of the service provider and since you had to take the step of commenting like this then this clearly means that the service provider is not genuine or at least not good in payment so it is important that other writers should also get this knowledge before they start working with such service providers.

        This is the place where new writers will get assistance in getting genuine work and they would be able to identify wrong and fraudulent service providers so your request of removal of this comment is unacceptable.

  14. Mitra Rajarshi – A cheat in the industry

    Email- rajmitra111@gmail.com

    Phone number – 09007714946

    This all began when he asked me to write 5 article per day for of 800 words priced at 240rs each. in a period of 20 days i completed around 52 articles. When i started asking him for payment, he stated that the articles are copied. He had no proof coz the best of my writers had written it. He was just making excuses so as to not pay. He constantly ignored me for a month or so and out of the outstanding payment of 12480, he just made Rs.5000 after a lot of forceful mails, msgs calls. Now 7480 is still due, which he promised to pay last week. But after that, he has blocked me on Facebook and on calls.

  15. This Pooja Sachdev is a complete fraudster. She provides the work for content writing, gets them done by the freelancers and she never pays.

    Do no work for her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I really don’t know you Utsav. IF anything is pending . .You should mail me the proofs

  16. Hi,

    Is there any way i can contact you? I am working for a client right now whose name you have mentioned. I need to confirm from you whether the person i am working for is the same mentioned by you here in the blog.


  17. I needed content writers for my site (itechfever.com) so I posted in a Facebook group from there Pooja sachdev also contacted me, as I need 15 original and quality content per month, I offered 4000 per month and she agreed, I also got other good writers but I don’t know who is real and who is fraud.

  18. Hi,
    I have worked with pooja.sachdev7@gmail.com .It certainly deserves appreciation, that she has cleared all her dues. It has been so long, that I almost forgot about the amount; but she cleared all the dues, all by herself! She told me how she has been cheated all this while, and she had to work really hard, to clear all the pending amount from her pocket. I would suggest her, to expose the name of her fraudulent client soon.

  19. Well I have seen all the comments here regarding Pooja Sachdev and I don’t agree entirely because I too have worked for her in the past in 2014 and then stopped content work but resumed in jun . I did a total of 20000 rs of work from jun 1st till Aug 15 th and most of the payment is cleared except for 570. This isn’t in favor of clearing her name …she may take a bit longer than expected but she has paid me and that amount cleared within 30 th aug isnt bad and that’s why I felt I should mention it coz I’m always following this site closely just for the valuable info……so let’s not crucify people but give them a chance…If anyone feels I’m just posting on behalf of Pooja well just say so and I’ll be happy to provide screenshots of my neft transfers

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. If you have not faced anything wrong in your deal then there is nothing better than this. It is really very good thing and every person who works for anyone deserves that he or she gets paid on the time without any discussion for the payment at least.

      Well, i will still say to everyone that the negative and positive points about the work provider should be seen really very closely before you start providing work or start collaborating with any service provider. Research and Safety is most important thing in online business.

  20. bfwa.in is a perfect fraud site who offer assignments of writing about film stars.

    Once completed and submitted the assignmnets means..they will shit you telling that your content is not up to the level in comparison with the substandard loads that they have.
    One Bodhi Rupa Saha is behind the play.

    She says she is cheating some 12 fellows for years together. i know her and she is a perfect fraud . she told me many lies to
    snatch away my payment and came after me one year after telling some f…..stories. But i never cooperated with her again.

  21. I worked for pooja sachdev for rs. 15000 per week . i got all dues cleared on time and on weekly basis. Yes its true that she delayed the payment for the first time as it was her client Mann sharma who cheater her of 40,000 bucks. but she cleared all my money in installments. Later i again decided to work with her as she had genuine clients. she paid me 15,000rs every monday without any delay. There are even 2 other writers who work for her named Shivani and Devika. Our payments are made on time

  22. Pooja Sachdev is plan bogus. you will never get your deserved dues. My friend got duped for Rs. 8,000 whereas I got tricked by POOJA SACHDEV for a discounted Rs. 5,000. Here POOJA SACHDEV is not the key word of the article, but rather an alarming stay-away post as she is very very cunning.

  23. This is POOJA SACHDEV facebook link. NOT WORKING LINK
    Check her face. A perfect con women who NEVER NEVER pays. Cheater. Just bang your phones and communication on her for good and never expect something good to expect out of the association.

  24. This is to warn all the writers that POOJA SACHDEVA is a CHEAT. Dont touch her even with a barge-pole, which means if she calls you just disconnect the phone or block her right away. She is a waste of time and will never ever pay you. Probably, she is into the Delhite Jugaad. She will suffer in life for being such a Con women.

  25. Please reverse whatever I commented for Pooja Sachdeva and do not publish..The girl is not so bad. She delays but pays.

    • It is nice that she paid you. I too worked for her and she had to pay me such a small fund in two parts approximately after one and half year but there are others as well who are sharing their complaints and proving the unprofessional and fraudulent attitude of pooja sachdev.

      There is no chance at all that she pays after a year and walks out clean because this is total violation of professionalism and that is why people are calling her fraud. I just hope that just the way she paid you, she might as well pay all the content writers who are complaining here for fraudulent activities by her.

  26. yup.. this is regarding one Pooja Sachdeva. looks absolute goner to me. dont touch this address even with a barge pole. FRAUD. in a jugaad mode. some are 2 crore cheats while few others for 2 lacs. Pooja Sachdeva comes in a 2000 bracket. A small fly who will forever remain in this bracket, as far as the current attitude she displays. Writers, if you desire to do social service do it by all means but dont do a free work for scammers like Pooja Sachdeva. Stay away from this con-artist and you will succeed in life. Nature will get back to her and how!

  27. Pooja sachdev has also intended to eat up my 7000 rupees n 8000 rupees of my friend. But ater threating her about cyber cell and legal action she paid 5000 to me and 6000 of my freind. Until now also we havnt get the remaining amount

    • its nice to know.. these type of people.
      I would like to add some more interesting things in it. I am prince and i am a graphics and web designer. i was surfing in a group on facebook and looking for some freelancing work…
      there was a requirement post by ROHIT CHHIBBER, i commented on that and he said . ok ..lets start work on a designing project i had asked for 4 days minimum to submit the project. as he was in so hurry he said me to design the cover page of brochure on very urgent basis.. i had sent the design to him with in 2hrs. we fixed some price and after giving any approval on design, without advance he suggested me to revise the design. i asked for some advance.. he said i will get fund from UAE so it will take few days.. and i will pay you next week..

      Interest begins from here…..

      Then he said that my Project Head . POOJA SACHDEVA will be co-ordinate regarding all thing. I had asked them to send all the content together and then i asked them 4DAYS to finish my designing work… Rohit sent me some content at 12.40pm , 20 aug. and after 2hrs .. he sends me msg on fb and asks for the update . i said i am working on it..
      some how i start doubting on his work as per his/her behavior. Pooja also started calling me again and again.. bcz of some reason i couldn’t attend her call from 21aug 11pm to 22aug. 3pm.. they have sent me a lot of msg and threaten that they will file FIR against me in cyber cell, also said stop working on that and refund the advance amount..

      I was drunken badly last night so couldn’t take any call.. even i was drunken , she was giving me call again and again at 9-10pm .. i talked to her around 10.30pm 22aug…

      I have already designed the cover page of brochure. So i need your suggestion .. what should i do.. should i refund all the amount ??

      • It is really very surprising even for me to hear your case. But if you want to establish peace between the collaborator then it would be better that you evaluate the cost of your work done on the project, deduct it from the payment made in the advance and refund the rest (If it seems right to you). I will not consult any of it. It is simply on your preference.

        Additionally, there is no need to worry about FIR or Complaint because there are so many people who are against such people and if any of such people will take any action then the outcomes will be against them.

  28. I was writing articles for CWKumar, qwriting2@gmail.com, his mail id. He is the biggest fraud on the earth. He has fooled many of the article writers. In the beginning he says when you complete writing articles for 15 working days he will do the payment. first time it was acceptable. The next excuse given is the clients have not paid him so he will give next fort-night. This is his style of putting words and in the process writing is continued thinking that he will pay. But, it is too late to realize that he is fooling us.
    Beware of such type of frauds, you need to bring him to book. There should be some official organization that keeps special vigil on them.

  29. Pooja sachdev is a total fraud. This lady eats and feed her family members with all writers hard work. She never pays to writers So pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssse dont work for her and face troubles of non-payment from her side. Dear Writers please be careful and stay away from such persons.

  30. Hi
    I worked for pooja.sachdev7@gmail.com by providing 10 articles for 4 days that is 40 articles of 700 words. She hasnt paid me yet. she never picks known writer’s phone number. Her phone remains always busy. She gives regualar advt in all leading websites such as quikr. Dear writers please dont work for her and waste your valueable time and hardwork. regards..sarala

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