Writing Poem… Well… it is the matter of creativity. Or, simply put, It is good for passing time creatively.


Poems writing is considered to be a creative task but it is hard for most of the people. Maybe because it requires creativity and effort at the same time.
I say… it is not really hard. It is easier in comparison of story writing and it is much more enjoyable than any writing form you can imagine. How? Well, the simple explanation of it is that the poem can be written in a few minutes. However, story needs much more time and attention.
Basically, Poem is the creative explanation of your inner thoughts. You put your thoughts creatively on paper and you rhyme the words in a creative manner so that the words can be enjoyable for readers and hold a specific meaning altogether.
First step of learning to write a poem is: Sit comfortably, remove all extra thoughts, take a pencil in your hand and start thinking about it. (Pencil is more creative in my view)
Poem doesn’t bind you in any particular category, so you can write on anything around you. You can write how you feel or how you felt the day before. For example, School, Home, Your toys, your friends, your thoughts, TV shows, Cartoon, Pet dog, incidence or circumstances.
Writing Poem

Writing Poem

Keep it in mind… No one was born a master. Your poems could be funny and even you can find lack of rhyme in the beginning and it is certain that they would be less impressive in comparison of other poems. However, do not take it to your heart.
Read your own poems again and again. Read master poetries as an example or explanation for improvement in your work and try to understand what was wrong. Next time… try not to repeat the mistake which will eventually lead you to make the poem better. 
You need to describe only one thing in your poem… well, it is not necessary, you can choose to describe the whole world. But, before writing a poem, you need to decide what you are going to describe. It is important to choose a theme of the poem before you start writing it.
Poetry Writing

Poetry Writing

Write in the common words, try to make it as a rhyme. For example, if you are writing a poem on life then the poem could be like this:
L I f e
Life is a thing, which left its strings

            Like earth’s ring, it makes memories swing

                        It gives joy in the beginning and 

Throws its shadows on everything

            And when you become busy in recollecting 

That old memories make your eyes glittering

Every happy moment from beginning

            Will make your eyes moist till ending

And after crossing world’s surrounding

            After beholding sad feelings

                        One will surely know life’s meaning

Then there would be no meaning of questioning

            After knowing the meaning

                        And after crossing world’s edge

                                    Like a stream from bounding
9-2-2010 By Mini Garg 
If you will keep writing, you work will improve with time. I am no master of poetry myself. This is an example that i provided for your understanding and this basic poetry writing principle stays same in all languages.
One work of your poetry would be better then another and it will teach you the method of writing the poetries. Try this and see you’ll be able to write poem that would be good enough to gather some appreciations from your friends.

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