Traffic is now second name of tragedy. It is most common thing we often face in our daily life.
Some people do not fear of any accident because
1. They know how to cross the road or they follow road rules.
2. They know that they could never be such a fool to be subjected to anything wrong.
Is this right or wrong? No one can imagine what traffic does to us. No one knows that the traffic is worse than a poison that kills within a second.

The poison will give you no time to suffer and to feel ill and you would be aware of the causes of the poison before or after having it ingested but the environment pollution is most poisonous thing that is now wrapped with our lives.
You could not understand that the disease that doctor couldn’t understand might be the result of traffic pollution and our irresponsible behavior for our own earth that is giving us a place to reside, to imagine and so on.
Some resident of china says that they had to face heavy traffic every evening or noon when they return to their home or go to the office. They say that sometimes traffic police constable needs to use oxygen to breath between a heavy traffic and the smell of fuel.
Some says that china has high population that is why they are facing this problem. But this is not the reality. It is because of those vehicles which are not repaired and burn more fuel then usual.

These kinds of vehicles are the most common reason for this unexpected misery of Environment. All these things are generated by us and we are the only one to solve it.



Article By Mini Garg

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