There is nothing to change but every second is changing with the time. There are too much to say because the old lamp post has witnessed so many lives and so many co-incidences. It seems like only today.
At the corner bench, two friends used to sit. They used to talk for hours and there was no ending for their planning because nothing was going to be due to of lack of money. They were just an ordinary people. In fact they were worse than that because there was no defined skill in them. They were not looking for job because of lack of education.

One evening they came and started usual planning and then suddenly one of them looked at me (The old lamp post). I was still standing and lightening the path as I always do.
First Friend said, “I have amazing idea! We can brighten our future with this lamp post!”
Second Friend asked, “What is that, another flop idea? I am so fed up with all these failures in my life. No change is ever going to be here!”
First Friend said, “I think this time my idea is not that bad.”
They both discussed the idea and they both were happy to have the feeling of success after a long period of planning.
Second day, they came with one coffee cane and some news papers. They added some other leaves in coffee to make it different and they both sat down on the bench. Soon, their coffee became famous because of their leaves but the news papers could not get any popularity because of less verities and irregularity. They dropped a newspaper idea and then they both started a coffee business together beside the lamp post.
Soon they bought a table for their coffee cane and leaved bench for guests. Their business was in progress and soon they were famous as “The old lamp post coffee table.” They got so many new ideas and then they divided their coffee in so many other flavors. Their business grew up and they sat a small shop beside the old lamp post and named it “The old lamp post coffee table.” They painted their shop and old lamp post with bright and attractive colors. The shop and the lamp were perfectly same. The old lamp post has become the symbol of shop.
Few years they earned money for their home and they managed to save enough money in 3 years. Their home was not so perfect but it was perfect for two friends to live happily together. Then they started re-building the shop. They found so many things around that need to be changed. They changed the shop structure in few months and now their shop was bigger and attractive. They bought more tables and chairs for their coffee shop. They planted the special leaves in their house for coffee flavoring to maintain the quality. They did many more things and eventually the shop was perfect.
After Few days of Redevelopment of The old lamp post coffee table shop, first friend looked at the lamp post and said, “Look at this lamp post. This is only single side of the shop. What if we buy one more lamp post for another side?”
Second friend said, “Yes. You are so right. The shop needs this.”
They bought a new lamp post within a week. The new lamp post was more attractive and of course, that was not the same. The two lamp posts were different. That was not looking pretty so they dropped the idea of new lamp post and again there was single lamp post lightening the path.
The lamp post was old but still he was doing his duty. He used to light up the path every day. The old lamp post was not able to lighten the path like sun does but he always lighten the path like glorious moon light does. His light was pleasant for eyes. That light was good enough for every one to see the path clearly, what else anyone would need from a lamp post?
The life of lamp post was good enough for him to be happy. He was happy to see two friends living and working together and to see them succeeding in every step of their life.
One day, one man came to the coffee shop and sat on the chair. He stayed there for more than an hour but didn’t drink coffee. On asking, he said that he does not like coffee. One day that man asked for coffee recipe. He was the first who ever asked this question directly to the shop owner.
First friend asked him, “Why you want to know the recipe of coffee. I heard you don’t like coffee then what will you do with it?”
Man answered, “I have nothing to do and my studies and my interests are of no use.
Every one is making fun of me because of this uselessness and I want to do this.”
First friend was surprised to see him. He asked, “I can understand but why you are going to do the thing you don’t like?”
Man answered, “I heard about the story of two friends and the old lamp post table shop.
That was inspiring story and I thought this could be same for me too.”
First friend smiled and said, “I appreciate that you are taking a step towards your own business but I think this is not right way to do it. I have already done this and I think you should write your own story like mine. Take inspiration but not whole story. Create your own identity.”
Man was little depressed and First friend could see his old day’s hue in him. He asked him, “What is your interest? What have you done in life before?”
Man answered, “I have invented a solar power storing technology but I don’t have enough money to use it in any product. I don’t have a capacity to create even a single
piece because my business is not so simple. It needs something more than effort and idea.”
Second friend was listening to him. He came out from the shop and said, “I can understand what you are trying to say. It is difficult to change anything in life without money but it is not impossible. Maybe I can help you in this?”
Man was surprised. He asked, “How can you help me, sir?”
Second friend answered, “I heard about your invention and I think it is impressive enough to be popular. All you need is a right place then this problem can be solved easily. We have one lamp post but there should be two. If you create a similar lamp post with your technology then it would help both of us. I will get a complete shop with two lamp posts and you will get your name as inventor. I will give you money for it.”
First friend added, “We can give you some advance money if you do this for us.”
Man could see a hope of success in his life and he agrees for the lamp post creation. That was his first project so he wanted to do his best for it. He created exact same lamp post with the help of advance money. He completed the task in one month and then the lamp was ready to be a part of the old lamp post coffee table shop. Lamp was same; everything that was changed was the light of the lamp. This lamp was more powerful and that was glowing like a sun shine. New lamp was so glorious… it was lightening the whole path and there was not even a single corner left unlighted. Old lamp post was still the same.
Lightning like a moon light and spreading the light but that was almost hidden now because of new lamps. The shine was too bright and it was covering the soft light of old lamp post.
Soon two friends discussed about lamp post, “Every one could see the difference between the lamp lights. That is just not good for shop. The lamps are still different. The old lamp needs more care and gives less light. New lamp is same but it doesn’t need any care and as every one can see, it gives such a bright power. We should change the old lamp.”
This was decided and then one day, one man came with lamp post and replaced the old lamp post with new one. He had heard about the story of lamp post shop. He was a poor man and he asked that he wanted to keep old lamp. There was no problem at all. The old lamp was useless now so he took the old lamp post with him. Now the shop was full of light and every one was admiring the work of inventor.
The poor man took a lamp post to his home where they were living in dark. The lamp post helped him lighten the home. Old lamp post was kept there as a new and precious one. Children were delighted to see the light and to see the lamp post in their house. They were unable to study at night but now they got light in the nights as well. Man used to work hard for his two children to educate them. He was hoping a bright future of his sons. Children worked hardest on studies and one day came when they both got perfect jobs. They were no longer poor. First thing they had to do was to change the home.
The poor man was old now. He was attached with the memories of old lamp but he was thinking that old lamp might not be that special for his sons. He didn’t say anything to his sons. The shifting day arrived and almost every thing was packed but no son was talking about lamp post. Old man asked to his elder son, “What do you think, what should we do with lamp post?”
Elder Son answered, “Yes father, I was asking the same thing to brother and we discussed it last night.”
Old man was feared of losing the old lamp. He asked quickly, “What did both of you decide? What are we going to do?”
Elder Son smiled and answered, “Of course we are going to preserve our memories. We are going to keep this lamp. Not because you are attached, but because we all have same attachment with this lamp. This lamp was a guardian for us. He gave us light who were bright enough for lightening our future. He gave us hope to dream and this old lamp post is the part of our home because it is no longer a lamp. It is a family member. Of course I am not leaving anyone behind. We all are going together. We make a nice family.”
Old man was relaxed and glad to hear this. He was glad that he is going to be happy and he has Old lamp post with him for his Old life.

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