There was a time when devotional serials were actually worth appreciating and we could watch them over and over again.



Main reason of it was that they were nourished and nurtured with the truth.

creative films

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There were facts and these facts were gathered from the actual culture and religious beliefs. We could see the respect of the culture and respect of the heritage and religious beliefs even in the Devotional Television Series. But, that time clearly is out of trend these days.

Devotional Films

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These days, television series of devotional genre are becoming more and more profit focused. They seems to have a great sets as if they are directly dragged from the big budget movie set but they forget that the actual grace of the devotional television series is in right casting and attractive presentation that is focused on actual facts.

Recreating the facts and naming them creativity is not really a wise decision. In fact, in my opining, it is worst thing that can happen to a really very pleasant and meaningful devotional story.

People are over creating and over extending the devotional stories just on the basis of their own thoughts. Creating fictions in movies and series is good and it always leaves good impact on the audience but when it is the matter of devotional series then you should be careful about your creativity.

limits of creativity

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Extending the Creativity can easily become Over Creating Trend so if you want to create devotional series that does not only gains attention but also gains appreciation and affection of the audience then you should learn how to respect the facts and you should not crumble it to make some different facts.

Creating unnecessary facts will only develop confusion in the audience. The basic motive of developing the devotional television series is to spread inspirational value and moral value between the public.

So, this actually is the objective of developing devotional series and when someone develops the devotional television series then they should be conscious about this fact that they need to develop it on the actual fact and recreating the truth without having any respect for the religious beliefs is not a good idea.


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I am also a big fan of good devotional movies and television series but I feel really very frustrated and confused when I see that new devotional television series are disappointingly recreating the respected devotional stories and beliefs just to make them unique new stories for broadcasting.

This is a strategy for making money but this does not shows any respect to the story. What I expect to change in the devotional television series is their constant change in the concept.

Most importantly, they should consider adding more attractive casting. Each and every episode of the devotional television series should be attractive and should be worth watching again and again. If you can’t do it then there is no need to creating devotional genre television series.

Creation of quality media

Creation of quality media | Source:

There are other genres where this tactic will be well appreciated and the right application of strategy on the right place is the most important thing for every business and television series is no different than any other business.

If you want profit then most important thing to consider is quality and in this case scenario, producing and developing good television series is the primary requirement and that is the key of success in television business as well.

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