School is most important for the growing children and for youngsters as well. Children learn primary things from school and try to do it in their real life. Home is the second place to learn other qualities and habits in this subject of their outside life and the attitude for others.  We build them as we teach them or do before them.
A child seek to learn more from home rather then any other place because the level of reliance does high for home in his/her view. Parents, who do not allow their children to be friendly, mostly do not understand their children and seem to be saying him/her to do what they want.

Some parents do not take the education seriously and it is most common in the villages. In such cases, children face several difficulties. They do not understand what children might face in future, they just go on longing that the children would be safe as long as he or she would be obedient.
They want to make children what they want or what they are. Sometimes they drive their children’s lives towards their way of living and thus face the hatred behavior or lack of resemblance.
All we need is understand or try to understand the child or youngster and then teach him or her as well as change yourself according to his/her desire because whether anyone believes or not, parents are the primary beam of happiness for child.
If he is satisfied with parents and the parents are satisfied with him then no other thing can make him/her dull or sad unreasonably.
Some parents think their children with partial view. These kinds of Parents believe that the girl is only for kitchen work and not for any other so she does not need any education. They think it is wastage of their money. Boy is the one who will help him to grow their business and need little education.
This is the most common partiality in the villagers who don’t know what the carrier is. What the education does to us. Until they change their mind, the villages will stay backwards.

Article By Mini Garg


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