Hard drive recovery is necessary but sometimes difficult. You can’t bear lose of important data of your drive that you have thought safe. There is only one possible way; Recover Lost Data.

But what should we do?

->You can try this – Switch IDE1 to IDE2 .
You could always try to switch your hard drive from IDE1 to IDE2 and see if it fixes your problem.
If not,
->Remove the drive from your computer and fix it on other computer. It is most important thing to make sure – is it a hard drive error or something else?
->Try using a different power connector, different IDE connector. Sometimes these tiny matters could bring unexpected worry for nothing.
It is simple way we can do without any risk and another way
->You can use software to recover the data from your drive.
Hard drive recovery software are available on the internet for this purpose and they will surely help you to recover the data of hard drive that was considered lost.


Article By Mini Garg

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