Pollution is not an insoluble task but it is most difficult matter this time due to the delay by us in everything that was in the list of most important tasks. We just don’t take it seriously because it doesn’t looks terrible as yet.
It is caused by coal burning, wood burning, using the vehicles that are not repaired well, throwing garbage anywhere in spite of dust-bean, and so on.
This is not always done by mistakes, sometimes we do it willingly just because we don’t want to pay for it or don’t want to find any other way when the cheaper way is available. This is not the clever thing to do but most of us do this.

Does anybody have an answer?
It is “No” for sure because we are not taking it seriously. And there is a reason behind this; we do not know what this thing can do to us, and how earthy pollution can harm us?
There are so many examples to give but main point is what this will do if you would not learn anything from it. We burn Coal, Wood and it releases the gases that are harmful.
We use the vehicles that are not repaired and leaving black visible clouds of gases behind which is just like a poison.
We throw the garbage on the plain or somewhere else we shouldn’t have thrown so the earth feels more exhausted which results in uneven earth quacks and other natural disasters which can’t be resisted by any human effort.
It is not the gases that are responsible 100% in pollution; we are cutting the trees so the pollution is not releasing.

We are constructing so many buildings by cutting dense forests which are resulting into less purification and more pollution.

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