This is a world of new generation that seems to be perfect for it and ready to be all that what the time says. New generation is intelligent and clever and has the ability to create own identity according to ones interests. Everything is perfect but yet this generation seems to have the deficiency of a peace of mind and patience in some paths of life where they get in trouble.Old generation has this quality of patience and peace because they had a control on their minds and they were aware that there could be nothing more precious than a healthy atmosphere and a peaceful mind for a happy life. No riches can bring happiness for long time because it all comes and simply passes by just like a routine but only the peace of mind helps one stay happily and peacefully in ups and down of life.

There are some peoples who know the co-ordination value of new and old generation. They know what was good in old generation and what is good in new generation. They just don’t waste their time in comparing themselves with someone or something else.Youth of today makes a new generation and we all have the ability to make it better than before by our efforts and it is all for our life and our peace.

New generation have right ways and so many choices so all that is needed is to use it the right way.
Learning peace and patience is the work of young generation. There is a responsibility to drive the future to the glories and to fulfill the dreams.
Old generation would do their part and would learn from the new generation and make up all the deficiency according to the time. The day when old and new generation would be together holding hands, the new generation would get a new identity.

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