Everyone likes to hear a good song. A song that has a nice music and has a great lyrics and in video we see the great connection of the video to the music. Lyrics are most important part of a song because music can not work if the lyrics are unimpressive and idle.
A writer have the responsibility to thing about a situation and suitable words in a lyrics because it is not a poetries where you write in rhyme, here you have so many choices but the main point says that a writer should write sensibly and nicely which has a meaning of it’s own.

Suppose you’ll see a song with great music but not really nice lyrics according to that song. I am sure about this that you hear this so many times but not so many days because soon you’ll get bored and then you’ll have to listen the song with nice lyrics and music. A song needs to be completed to gain the fame and identity.
There are so many songs and this counting is higher day by day but we don’t even remember some of these even after hearing them. What is the reason? The reason says that those songs didn’t impress you and that is the reason why you do not have any interest in those songs and some songs we like so much and remember from the first time because of music and lyrics. In the video there is also a responsibility to create a specific background and location to make it even more impressive. 
The video needs to be created nicely and professionally to gain the fame because a video is more challenging then a movie. We get 3 hours in movie but only 10-20 minutes in video. It is just too short and a movie can hide the tiny deficiencies of it’s own but it can be stay hidden in a video and this could be a reason to spoil your work.

A video is a short movie or a short part of someone else’s life and you have to think about this situation and the video should be perfect picture of that. If the video contains good music, good lyrics and suitable direction then there is nothing more needed in your video to be said perfect and attractive and this would be loved by all.


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