The most common thing we need to consider before doing anything else is to choose a suitable colour. Colour is one of the most important things for your choices.

‘What colour should I choose’ is a common question.
We should choose clothing colours according to our complexion and body structure type. Most important thing what we need to understand about colour nature, the colour is the identifier of you. If you see someone looking graceful in red colour that does not always mean it will suite on you as well.

The colour choosing problem has only one answer; the clothing depends on what you like most.
What are you by nature? 
How you want to make yourself look like?
What is the exact expression you want to wear on yourself?
If want to make yourself look bold, you should choose elegant light colours. If you want to look jolly, you should wear contras combination dresses of dark and light colours. These identities by colours are common.
This is not always possible to make yourself as graceful as you want in your choice of colour. There is another way out for this kind of problem, if you like gray colour and it do not look so good on you, you can choose black colour. Light black and grey combination is also one of the graceful combinations for this.
You can change the shade of your favorite colour according to your complexion and you will see that it would be the best choice ever. Black, blue, and white colours are suitable for most of the complexions.
These are also in the list of bold colours but it has a place in the list of jolly colours as well. You can modify these colors according to your desire and they will be the best.

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