Social media is quite popular platform for publicity these days. Therefore, it definitely is a great source of reaching out to the audience. I makes easier for audience to find themselves involved in your buzz. In this discussion, we will talk about the lack of audience attraction in articles published by new authors.

Writing Articles  | Source:

Writing Articles | Source:

The long and big silence and gaps in the waiting period can be really very harmful for your reader’s interests in your articles and now the question comes, “How to handle writing and social media buzz at the same time?”

Generally, the writers, who give their primary preference and most of the time to their writing, tend to stay away from doing efforts for gaining readership. Well, this could be due to lack of social activities updates. Writers, who stays updated to their social media connections, usually overdo the task of sharing because they don’t get enough time for writing.

So now the question is, “How can you manage all things together to grab audience interest and find proper time for writing?”

Reading Articles | Source:

Reading Articles | Source:

Well, this clearly is something that every writer or blog website owner will want but this is a tricky thing. You would need to do so many things in order to manage things up which will require a lot of time investment. However, with the research and perfect analysis, you can find out the perfect way to manage this task.

Right now, according to the analysis and research from many popular universities, it is concluded that books are turning into E-book and that is why it is actually a very good opportunity for aspiring writers to get public attention with their skills and attractive content production capabilities.

Since the number of internet user keeps increasing day by day, the scope of internet popularity for new contributors is also increasing. As long as you can give something interesting to your audience, there are higher chances that your contribution will not be neglected.

Writing | Source:

Writing | Source:

So, here I would like to share with you some amazing tips which will help you to manage everything easily without getting away from your writing mood!

  • Care about sharing: Today, people like to find everything on single platform and that is why most of the people don’t get audience to their new releases because they don’t share it on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest or Twitter etc. Well, sharing will definitely help you to get attention because that is the primary source of reaching out to the audience.
  • Don’t be packed up scrooge: The article is not all about the details. Of course you should add details and information but you should also make it interesting with addition of your own writing style and it is completely okay if you get a little personal with that.
  • Add attractive image Sharing: People usually don’t read random post on social network but they sure see the pictures so you should pick something like picture or video that people would like to share and this will definitely boost your share power and you will get boost up readers.
  • Provide good information: The article is a source of information so doesn’t forget that. Make the article on point and deliver useful information thru your article because that is the main reason why people will give their preference to your articles.
  • Access everywhere: Don’t set your limits for sharing. If sharing just simple post links is not good enough then adopt different techniques of sharing your posts references on different networks.
  • Discounts on purchases: If you are offering anything that readers might like to purchase after reading your article then make sure that you set attractive prices and good discounts for attracting audiences.
  • Make a planning: And, most importantly, all these things cannot be done simply one by one like you share other posts. Do a proper planning so that the sharing task can be accomplished efficiently in a short period of time! Also, with right planning, you would need to be able to access more and more audiences by different methods.
Articles | Source:

Articles | Source:

Following these guidelines will allow you to make things perfect and then you would be able to manage everything so conveniently and efficiently that your readers will stay involved and you will not feel that you are getting down with too much task to do.

This simple and yet impressive planning will give a chance to manage everything effectively and then you can sit back in free time to watch your TV while your audience appreciates your work!

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