Office is the place where customers come and get influenced. Although customers will mainly focus on the services that you are offering but still if you have the advantage of good presentation then this will be highly effective for better and stronger customer relationship. There are so many people who underestimate the importance of right styling and designing in the office.


That does not change the fact that the styling is most important thing to influence customer. In fact, even door and window glass design is also highly important. You cannot ignore the importance of right design and color selection in your office because these are the aspects that interact with customer influence indirectly.There are so many things that can be used as an example of or window glass design importance.

Window glass and design

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Here are few of the most significant results of good window design in the office which will make you realize how important it is to make your office presentable and attractive for customer and for overall business of your company.

Morale and Productivity: A very much planned and thoroughly considered space can build employee confidence and prosperity by giving them working influence. Different shapes and sizes of windows will definitely be a good idea for better atmosphere at workplace because employees will feel freedom in their work simply with the presence of window.

Window design

Window design | Source:

Environment Ventilation: When you have window in your office then it will help you to keep your office ventilated. You will not feel exhausted in your and that is the most important thing that a perfect office requires. If employees would be able to feel energy in office then this will clearly effect positively in the work performances of all employees. This will definitely leave positive results for your business as well.

Natural Light: The lights are always available in office but since the employees work in office from the morning time then the windows are very effective because this allows them to get direct and natural light which is clearly much better than any other kind of light. Additionally, this will also become the reason for you to get better advantages in electricity bill cost reduction.

Better Alertness: If your employees have their own cabins then this is quite possible that they get unaware of the present condition of office outside their cabin. This can result in unawareness and lack of alertness in them. But, with the help of simple window with elegant window glass design, employee will get the advantage of alertness, refreshing atmosphere and attractive cabin appearance all in one place.

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