Music is a never ending sea. It can be as large as you want it to be and there is no end of exploration in the music for those who have a passion for it. The Music tourism is especially for the music lovers. It is not just love; it is a passion or something more than that. The Music tourism is a perfect way to explore different kind of music by visiting different places. Commonly people choose their favorite and famous places for Music tourism and they visit different places to see or join the international or national music festivals. They see the music performances of different performers of different countries to explore the music as much as they can.

Commonly, the people who love music and who have a passion of it they prefer the Music tourism and this is a best way to encourage their best or favorite music bands or they meet new talents and new music generations with the help of Music tourism. There are so many famous places where the famous musicians show their performances and some new and other bands also introduce their music to the world through these events and music concerts etc. This is what you will discover in the Music tourism. There are so many music related destinations which are famous for celebrity shows and performances and you can start your tour from these places and if you want to explore more then you can try visiting the local and traditional music festivals of different villages all over the world and you will find different kind of performances and you will get a chance to get in touch with the world wide talents and you will get a chance to hear different kind of music. 

There are large number of local, national and international music shows, concerts, events and performances where you can find different country music and performances. Some places are famous for Music tourism and here we are sharing with you top 5 destination of Music tourism of the world where you can see the all age music!
The Paradise Bar: The Paradise Bar is in London and it is now changed and become a Royal Albert pub where you can see live performances and musical shows of singers and musicians who belongs to the different countries. The Paradise Bar or Royal Albert pub is one of the famous music tourism spot in London, Uk. So many musicians and bands usually step here to perform live to get in touch directly with the music appreciators.
Ø        Summerfest: It is the largest music festival of the world. It is a right place for your Music tourism because you can find here a large variety of vocal and non vocal performances and it is not only music that would be seen here, you will get in touch with the creativity of the different countries and different peoples around the world. This event is held in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin and it is an 11 day music event. Although the even time seems to be too short but still it covers at least 1,000,000 audiences every year and all of them are passionate for music!!
Ø        Rio Carnival: Rio Carnival is one of the famous music events that are held annually and it includes dancing, music and street parties. The Rio Carnival is the famous musical event of Brazil. This event attracts the appreciators and foreign visitors. The average annual count of visitors is 500,000! Additionally, the Salvador de Bahia carnival is its one of the largest party which attracts the millions of fans and crowds during the period of the Rio Carnival. The Rio Carnival duration is one week and the crowd of appreciating fans of music and other arts is a sight worth watching.
Ø        The Notting Hill Carnival: The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the largest musical street parties of the Europe. It is held in London, Uk and it attracts around million crowd each year and the crowd of appreciating music lovers can be found here. There can be seen some musicians and other celebrities because it is one of the most famous street party which attracts the people all around the world.
Ø        The Love Parade: The Love Parade is a dance festival. Especially it is an electronic dance festival which is held in Germany. This festival was first presented in the year 1989 and then it gained the appreciations and crowds till 2010. Still, you can see the music performances and other events there and it would be great experience for your Music tourism.
Ø        Belfast: Belfast is a perfect destination for Music tourism because you can find many international events and parties here. You can see the music tourism places of Belfast which include Ash, Snow Patrol, Van Morrison, Stiff Little Fingers and The Undertones etc. This can be said a musical place and there have been numerous developments in Music tourism and that is why it has become the hub of all kind of music and arts. You can find the music shows, events, concerts, performances and other parties here every time. It will give you a chance to enjoy your all days of the week, month and year!! Additionally, you can see the music exhibitions where you will find the world’s oldest music and other related accessories and much more! It is really very exciting place for music lovers! There are so many things you can do in Belfast but if you are going here for the purpose of Music tourism then you can be sure that your all time in Belfast is going to be incredible.

The Music tourism is one of the best things to do if you want to deeply know the music genres and categories. There are so many things that you will find and you will get closer to the truth that the music is just like an ocean. There is no ending but if you will go in search then you will find numerous incredible things and you will gain the knowledge that you can never understand from books and guides. Experience the excitement and pleasure of Music tourism!

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