Refreshing smell of fog is really amazing if you will feel it. it is good for refreshment and it is good in stress and it gives great energy and calmness in the depression, stress and relaxes your mind directly.

We all worry with mind and the clear (not polluted) fog could be a remedy to minimize the stress of your mind for sometime and it will give you a chance to relax and to feel the nature deeply. I have noticed it, it is amazing. Must try!
I am not sure about what kind of Mud essence is enchanting but yes, when the rain begins, it leaves really cool smell for few minutes. Same happens when some water splits on a muddy floor. It is also in some beauty packs like Multani Mitti (kind of mud used in face pack). When you will mix it, it smells really good and that is the only reason why i try this mud sometimes in month.
There are so many places in this world where you can find mud and I think it is the specialty of a mud to have a perfume of seconds when it feels moisture.
There is nothing in this world as precious as mud and as much as mud but it doesn’t mean we will ignore the beautiful part of it. it is good that we have it in Such a Great Quantity but we should be thankful of it.

It is really nice smell and I am admirer of those two smells. What about you?

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