Environment of the earth is one of our best friends. It is hurt every time we pollute our residence place such as street, park, and playground.
We simply read articles related to Environment pollution and act as if we are so serious but just after reading, we forget all about that and it is no surprise if we make a same kind of mistake after understanding it well.

We do not use any tips of prevention just because we generally do not understand the use of it.

“The more we pollute our Environment, the more we will need to pay for it.”
It is not the money what you will pay for it; it is the days of our young generation, the days of our children and family members. Those who would be very dear to us might face the trouble because of this mistake done by us.
For example, In 50’s there were no such pollution around and the scenery of our lives was just opposite. 100 years was the common death age for 50’s but it looks like a joke now.
No one imagine himself to be alive till 100 years now a day! Now it is 70 years which is the common death age. If we see someone more then 70, we wonder ‘He is so lucky.’
We are giving invitation to the environmental troubles which are more destructive then any other thing for us. This is still in progress and the days of our life is being subtracted continuously.
The days of our young generation is not secure because of progressive change in Environment but not in our thinking.

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