Airline is one of the commonly used services by all of us. We generally use airline for comfortable journey. It is really very comfortable journey but it is not Environment Friendly.
An airplane burns very high quantity of fuel that results in pollution and it is also the cause of pollution in the environment but it is not as harmful as other things manually done by us like Polly bags burning, etc.

Scientists were trying to make this service of airlines Environment Friendly somehow. So finally, they found a way out and first Environment Friendly Airplane flew with the help of coconut oil. That was great achievement but that was not under the budget.
The high cost would make air ticket more expensive and the fuel usage was also very high. It was not affordable for government. Its high cost delayed the progress and they had to think some other way to make it cheaper. This Environment Friendly Airplane was not able to fly with passengers.
Research to make it useful for all is under progress and scientists believe that it could be done soon.
And when the new generation plane “Environment Friendly Airplane” will be launched, we will recognize that day as Environment Friendly Airplane day.

Article By Mini Garg

Article by MiniWrites


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