Here is a great quick craft trick for you. If you have waste x-ray sheet then you can make beautiful Craft from it. Let’s see how.
You’ll need
  1. X-ray sheet
  2. Confetti (Thermocol Balls) Thermocol Confetti
  3. Seizer
  4. Box
  5. Thin cord
  1. Tape
  2. Glue
Cut X-ray sheet into 10-15 inches long and 1-2 centimeter thin pieces.
Take each piece of x-ray sheet and fix five to eight thermocol balls in it at some distance. 
Then fix all the x-ray pieces together with the help of thin cord. 
Either you’ll need to take a box to keep it or tape it below the cord and decorate it with thermacol balls or colored papers or stars.
This is a new and easy craft idea. Think it and make it. You can add your ideas here. Try this and enjoy.

Article By Mini Garg

2 thoughts on “Creative Craft, Make haste and fix your waste. Just take old X-ray sheet to make a beautiful show piece.

    • Dear Jenny,

      Thanks for pointing out. As it turns out that this is a spelling error. The above mentioned product is Confetti (Thermocol Balls) Thermocol Confetti.

      Hope you enjoy reading my blogs and i appreciate your effort and suggestions in its Improvement.

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