Craft was originally developed to maximize the use of every thing and enhance the creativity of mind in youth. It was an effort to make something out of nothing, craft makes beautiful things from paper, cardboard, empty boxes, old stuff and every part of stored and waste stuff can be used in Craft to make something beautiful.
It is being used in so many things and is a successful business as well. Imagine the paper build castle and then your old papers, boxes and card board papers will surely help you to build it and to stand a castle of your dream. You can make general use items such as: paper/pencil/stuff holder, money box, show piece and so on. 
There are no limitations for creative person. He can make as many things as he want with some stuff that is of no use for any other one. If you are going to make your idea alive with craft, you’ll need = paper/cardboard/box or according to whatever you are going to make, seizer and scale, glue, paint or water color with color plate and paint brush or Colored paper and some decorating stuff. You need not to buy decorating stars from outside market. See the decorating stuff can be in your store room. You can cut papers in star, triangle and round shape and stick it on the object to decorate it. You can take a lace of old cloths if it is available.  Take a tour in your mind and imagine what you can do with what you have. I can say that every piece of paper can be a flower of craft if you just see it in that way. So here is a beautiful and simple thing I am going to make with the help of paper and color only.

I’ll need =
  1. Crape paper/ Color paper
  1. Long box
  1. Seizer
  1. News paper
  1. Glue
  1. Tape or thin cord

First thing I need to do is to make some sticks out of news papers. That would be long sticks about 10 inches. I’ll cut the Crape paper or simple color paper into many different long parts of about 3 inches long. Then I will fold each long part of paper and then cut it in the shape of leaf one by one. Then I’ll take sticks of news paper and cover it from the color paper of color it from water color or paint.Place ten to twelve leaves on each stick and then I’ll need tape or thin cord to fix it there. And now the flower bunch is ready. Then I’ll need long decorated box to keep these flowers. This box can be decorated with the help of paint/color papers/stars and so on. So this is a bunch of flower made out of papers only. Try this and give your opinion about it.

Article By Mini Garg

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