I watch movies only when they are good and worthy of my time. Well, there is no doubt that the production and direction of Bollywood movies have increased but there is no quality left in the movies of Bollywood movies.

The good and watch worthy movies like Airlift (Bollywood Cinema Movie released 2016), Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Bollywood Cinema Movie released 2015) have become rare in the Bollywood production. It has been a while since I have watched the Bollywood movie without skipping any part of it.

Bollywood and Punjabi cinema

Bollywood and Punjabi cinema

There is absolutely no lack of anything in the Bollywood Cinema production, but we can seriously see the lack of almost everything in the present time movies. In fact, it seems like the Bollywood Cinema production have become a source of marketing and publicity for new faces and people.

When someone wants to gain bigger media coverage or when someone who belongs to big background dreams of working in this line, you see them simply appearing in the Bollywood movie!


Bollywood | Source: pixabay.com

This is really very strange that we find the lack of direction, acting and almost everything in most of the movies that make the movie worse than watching television daily serials! The standard of acting is not maintained at all in Bollywood cinema.

Unlike Bollywood, Punjabi cinema is becoming the shiny star in this area. You might not understand entire speech and all words used in movies sometimes but you would still want to watch the entire movie!


I have more Punjabi movies and less latest Bollywood movies in my collection. In fact, in my opinion, it is now time to go back to old Bollywood movies because they are better in story and direction. We find them much more interesting and logical because they are devoted to the story and not to the publicity or marketing.


Cinema | Source: pixabay.com

The Bollywood cinema certainly knows how to present actors and how to present a story in the trailers but there is no doubt that they are giving less attention to the quality of the movie and much more preference to the benefit that they can get from public.

The core strategy of the movie creators these days is to gain public attention so that their first show gives them back their investment of the movie; there is lack of the worry of the likability of movies these days.

Another really very important aspect that I need to mention about Bollywood cinema is the change of language in the movies. Although the change is always good but we should not adopt something that is not ideal for the audience.

Punjabi cinema reality

Punjabi cinema reality | Source: pixabay.com

In the past few years, we used to consider cinema a source of entertainment and decade ago, cinema was the source of inspiration but now I don’t know why the cinema is becoming source of spoiling young generation because consistently the language and the exposure of the Bollywood Cinema Movies is highlight wrong rather than right in the movies.

This is not the good sign because the adoption of the advance technology and recent trends should bring something interesting and useful to the cinema but what we are seeing here is that the advancement of the language has spoiled the entire grace of the cinema.

And moreover, the movies and even television serials have become less entertainment and more spoliation. Despite the fact that, we could see some enhancement and improvement in the serials creation but the Bollywood movies production and direction is still going low and low.

Now, when we talk Punjabi Cinema then undoubtedly you will find so many amazing and extra ordinary movies that are worth watching more than one time!

Punjabi cinema

Punjabi cinema | Source: pixabay.com

For example, Happy Go Lucky (Punjabi Cinema Movie released 2014) Angrej (Punjabi Cinema Movie released 2015). In fact, other cinema industries are also blooming these days. The great success and good efforts that we can see in Bahubali (South Indian Cinema Movie released 2015) is the momentous example of it.

The lowering level of the quality in the Bollywood Cinema is definitely taking away the genuine public from this area and there is no doubt that the consistency of this quality reduction in the movie of Bollywood Cinema will necessarily take away all the genuine public from the crowd of appreciators.

We can clearly see the bright and shiny future for Punjabi and other entertainment industries but I hope that the production and direction of the Bollywood Cinema also enhance its quality and not just Budget values.

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