What is the reality of Angels and Demons? Do they exist?
What do you think about ghosts? What is the reality of ghosts?
Man is living because he got the soul that is immortal. Soul is the only reason of our lives and whenever we see the liveliness anywhere around us, we feel the presence of liveliness; that is what we call the soul of nature. Nature is a living thing. It holds soul of every creature, every body or every ting in it. Man come in this world with responsibility to take care of his body and to keep it as it was given to him; sinless, calm, innocent and kind.
Man has been given this live to succeed and not to be even worse than his reality.
We live our lives according to our thinking, According to our desire and according to circumstances. This is most important thing to get the place after death. 
When we die, we leave the body where our soul used to reside and the soul finds a new residence that is in a free atmosphere and in the true experience beside god. A man sees the beam of the light or a dear one who has died long time ago just a moment before death. There could be a symbol of our place in heaven or hell. If the one who gives down at the last moment is angry or is looking at you aggressively then there are so many chances for you to be reserved in the hell but If the one who gives down at the last moment is happy or cheery or made you feel good then the place is reserved in heaven. If the one who gives down at the last moment is neither happy nor sad then it is doubtful to be anywhere in the heaven and hell. (In such cases, soul couldn’t meet their destination and wander here and there in this world.) There, in the destination point of the soul, is the court of our lives and then we get hell or heaven according to what we have done in the life. But there are some cases when some souls wander and don’t want to leave this world due to some reasons:

They want some revenge
They are not satisfied
They don’t want to leave this world because of some dear ones
They won’t leave this world without fulfilling their desire
They want to live more or they hadn’t expected the death yet.
There could be many reasons of it. Now, when the soul is still in this world and didn’t or couldn’t reach to the point where it should be now, it lives in this world and we call them Angels and Demons.
What is the difference between Angels and Demons?
Let’s know now.

Angels: Angels are good sprite and they are in this world not because of any revenge or any uneven desire. They are satisfied but yet attached to this world and that is the reason why they don’t leave this world… they want to see other happy and want to help other in their crisis. They resist peoples from danger and keep them from getting into the trouble that would be out of their handling power by giving some hints which is often considered as a fear or suddenly increased and unknown thoughts of a mind. They describe the misery and want you to stay away from it.

Demons: Demons are an evil sprit that is wandering due to the uncountable sin of his life or that soul escaped and wants to live in this world for revenge. These kinds of soul are not always in a evil category. It is divided in two parts; evil or tempted.

Evil : this is a kind of evil soul that always desires harm of other and want to stay in the specific place in this world just because that used to be it’s residence and it has the ownership right of it. This kind of soul is always preventing anyone to stay in the specific location. Sometimes these kinds of soul see the fear of a man and then repeat it to see it again and to be proud on it. This kind of soul is not frightful for a man who believes in god and has a brave heart. Once a man believe on himself and know that the soul has leaved its body and does no longer exist here, it can never harm in the way human does. So he would no longer be afraid of accepting their presence and then he would be able to know their tricks.
Tempted: These kinds of soul are often died due to an accident or had a bad experience before death. That makes them aggressive and sometimes they fend other to stay anywhere with ease once he come in contact with him, All they can do is to send you some unexpected thoughts or make you feel something unexpected. 
Some waits to fulfill their revenge and whenever `anyone come between the period of their revenge to salvation, becomes a part of their revenge and then that man faces too many difficulties of various things. Such as; unexpected atmospheric change suddenly increased unknown odors, unknown voices or sometimes momentary dawn of unknown appearances. This kind of places are better left alone because the soul leaves that place after the revenge but it is quite difficult for them to leave it before revenge or before completion of their motive.

Article By Mini Garg

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