Everyone enjoys being near to the nature and feel the presence of the magic of this world. It always makes us feel exciting. Traveling for a green, wide and natural magic holding place is good, I think best way to spend the time. There could be so many places across this magical world where you can feel the pleasure of the nature and it’s true presence but then you have to think that you are not about to visit every place at one time so you should choose right one according to your desire and capability or budget.
You should think about the various things before deciding to go anywhere for two days, week or more then a week. It is important to think that the place you have chosen should not be very far (if you are traveling via train.) and otherwise the specific city should contain at least three to five spots as an icon of that place. The atmosphere is another thing you need to think about. Pack according to the atmosphere. If the place is cold then wear the sweaters and jackets and buy the woolen cloths from your destination because it is said that the woolen cloths holds quality at low prices on these kind of spots. Manage the time to view maximum places of the destination city. This would increase the excitement and increase the pleasure of that trip.
First thing, if you are at the outdoor picnic with your family, friends and relatives, you should forget the dealings and office work to enjoy it and to let other enjoy. If you have some business then do not accompany, reach there after finishing the task. Carry a camera with you and take some photos for the future memories of this visit. If the children are with you then you should choose the place where there would be something like zoo, playing park, museum and so on. This will increase the interest of the children and they could learn something from it as well. I think museum if the must visit place for everyone, because when we see the past in the present, we feel greater excitement then any other thing. It is the best way to learn the past without learning anything like in the history books. Enhance your knowledge within your interest and your interests would be called your knowledge after some time.

Do not neglect anything, see what the best is and then decide. Take a ride freely and happily with all taken cares

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